Meet the NF4 cohort at BENEFIQ event, CANADA

A cohort of 10 companies dedicated to healthy and sustainable food will join the BENEFIQ, event, including 6 European SMEs engaged in the internationalisation programme set-up by the NF4 consortium. Meet the New Frontiers In Food NF4 partners on booth B25,on October 2nd-4th 2018. The NF4 partners are Wagralim (BE), Vitagora (FR), Clusaga (SP), Food Valley (NL) and Valorial (FR). The overall partnership mission has been set-up with Natural Product Canada, the NF4 local partner. A complementary personalised matchmaking for the NF4 SMEs across 3 different provinces, based on in depth preparation, engaging the SMES over the past 3 months.


Atelier du Fruit

Atelier du Fruit supports food industries, in Research & Development providing natural solutions based on natural processes to enhance taste and biopreservation as well as reducing sugar content in foodstuff and beverages.

Atelier du Fruit propose specific R&D service to create solutions thanks to enzymes and strains. Atelier du Fruit also offers to sell the optimized enzymes and strains.



Your data can tell you so much more than you think! But current data science solutions are not giving you what you need (undetected biases, bad predictions, unclear outcomes…)

BIOPTIMIZE is a French A.I. Data Science company that has developed highly original & unique Smart Profiling technology and SaaS platform, that can reveals all hidden key-points features in your complex data (bacteria selections, clinical data, process…).

BIOPTIMIZE has the trust of large companies such MONDELEZ, DANONE, LVMH…

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Established in Belgium, Extense Pharma has, since 2007, specialised in research, development, production and distribution of health supporting products such as nutritional supplements, dietetic products, products for wellness and for the medical sector. The products of Extense Pharma are healthy, safe, efficient, easy to use and tasty. They are adapted to the most famous diets such as protein diet, low calories diet, diets based on a specific ratio between proteins, carbohydrates and fat, diets for diabetics as well as sport and nutrition. Extense Pharma sells its products in countries all over the world.

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IMPROVE is a research and development company dedicated to proteins. It aims to help the development of the proteins sector, starting from the selection of raw materials (animal, vegetal, bacteria, algae…) throughout extraction and fractionation ending in the placing on the market of new products in the areas of human food, animal feed, cosmetics and bio materials…

IMPROVE is a unique place where you can produce isolate and concentrate using traditional or disruptive processes ( wet and dry extraction lines ) and at the same time, a full characterization of the production is possible to predict the type of food matrix in which you can use it. We also propose a whole range of bioactive peptides as well as a big variety of vegan protein.

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Youmeal is a start-up, coming from years of R&D in UC Louvain, specialised in the field of food information. Its software technology collects, corrects and enriches information about several hundreds of thousands food ingredients and analyses recipes taking into account the cooking processes. At last, Youmeal provides the complete nutritional identity card of the recipe as well as elements of its environmental impact.

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Vesale Pharma

Since 2008, Vesale Pharma, based in Eghezée (Belgium), is dedicated to R&D on probiotic solutions and microbiotic applications. As a pioneer company in this field, Vésale Pharma dedicates 23% of turnover in R&D every year and is developing applied & fundamental researches in the fields of probiotic health products and technology as well as on applied metabolomics and phagotherapy. Vesale works on with major Belgian and international Universities or Institute as e.g. the Institut Pasteur of Lille (France). In December 2016, an important Research Protocol was also signed with the Texas A&M University in College Station (USA). This was followed by the foundation of a R&D subsidiary last November 2017 in College Station. A commercial office was opened by the Company in 2016 in Sao Paulo (Brasil); as well a Representation Office in New Delhi (India). A new pilot production unit was also inaugurated in GHLIN (Belgium) in June 2016. In 2017, the company launched its pediatric range in China and signed an exclusive distribution contract in Morocco and in India. Vesale Pharma also holds 6 world patents, including the patent Intelicaps®, a world unique revolutionary technology of probiotics micro-encapsulation.

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