Report | Functional Ingredients & Connected Foods in the American Market

Did you know that one third of American consumers are following some type of diet? Or that products with a cardiovascular health claim are currently the most desired by the US consumer?

As more and more consumers rely on functional foods to support their health goals and connected food innovations drive change throughout the industry, following market and consumer trends is vital in the development and launching of new products.

This report is an introduction for businesses looking towards the US market, with specific focus on health-focused trends (including functional products, healthy snacking and plant-based proteins) and connected foods (including connected products supporting sustainability and the healthy consumer).

Read the full report here: Functional Ingredients & Connected Food in the American Market


  1. Market Overview
  2. Trade relations – USA & EU
  3. Exporting to the USA
  4. Consumer Analysis: Health-related trends
  5. Trend Analysis: Connected Foods