Meet European companies during the Innovation Tour in the USA

A cohort of 15 agfood SMEs will visit the USA during the NF4 Innovation Tour from March 18th-22nd. During the Innovation Tour, the delegation will visit Chicago and San Francisco and participate in matchmaking, a company visit, information sessions, B2B meetings and the Future Food Tech conference. These activities are organised by the NF4 consortium in collaboration with Chicagoland Food & Beverage, FaB Wisconsin, SALVEO group and Future Food Tech.  

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Baïa Food Co.

Baïa Food Co. is a scientific company that has developed a unique novel food ingredient (Dried Miracle Berry) as a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. We have come up with a calorie-free, powerful sweetness enhancer and sour masker that imitates the pleasant aspects of sugar without those horrible undesirable effects that can cause so much damage to our health. Besides, we offer a range of ethically sourced, organic superfoods and plant-based proteins that we sell via our website ( Our mission is to upgrade the dietary habits of society through healthier tastier choices. 

Brasserie de Brunehaut

We are a Belgian craft brewery, founded in 1890. We are the only 100% organic brewery in Belgium and we have developed a range of organic and “gluten free” beers, recognized worldwide as one or the best gluten free beer.

Brasserie du bout du Monde

At the origin of the « Brasserie du bout du Monde », there is the dream of one man, Olivier Lallemand, currently heading the brewery. A dream born from his numerous sailor stops around the world that made him discover the diversity and richness of craft beers.

Dedicated to create first choice tasting beers, our brewery has developed a unique trademark that our fans can recognized immediately: greedy and generous tasting beers, very round in taste, flavored and with little bitterness. Easy to drink beers valued by both connoisseurs and occasional drinkers.

Brasserie Ragnar

Inspired by a well-known historical figure popularized by the Vikings series on TV channel History, the Ragnar Brewery is a craft beer production company based in Normandy. Although it is the first region of beer consumption in France, Normandy does not yet have a reference mark in this field, as BrewDog for Scotland, Guinness for Ireland or Goose Island for Chicago.
Our priority is to offer authentic flavors inspired by ninth century recipes, that include a hundred plants used at the time by the Vikings. We also have our own bottle, unique in the world, to distinguish us from our regional competitors. 

Dely Wafels

Dely Wafels is the specialist of the frozen authentic Brussels waffle, known in the United States since the 1964 New York’s World Fair as the « Belgian Waffle ».
The Brussels waffle is one of the delicacies of the Belgian culinary heritage along with chocolate, beer or fries.

This made in Belgium light waffle, crispy outside and soft inside, is easy to serve as a breakfast, quick afternoon snack or dessert and can be enjoyed with different toppings according to your cravings.

Dely Wafels offers adapted solutions for catering and retail. 

Fortified Food

Fortified has developed a new, patented “drug delivery system”, containing 3 elements : The core-product: collagen glaze; Enrichment of the ready meal with a nutrient Vital Blend; Application with the Fortified Food Printer. The Vital Blend contains DSM micro-nutrients and Rousselot Peptan & Collagen Peptides. The dedicated Foodprinter allows for printing 1.000 small drops per plate in 2 seconds.

Website :


Freggies is a plant based food brand which makes tasty, sustainable and healthy food. We target to make it easy and fun to enjoy and follow a part time or full time plant based diet. Therefore we are always looking for innovation to apply in our products. For example we got a vegetable snack who exists of fibers from a residual stream of the organic juice production. For 2019 we have planned to expand our product range and our sales area, creating, producing and supplying plant-based food. Where possible our products are circular so we can reduce food waste.


GreenFood50 based in Wageningen, is specialized in quinoa ingredients pro-duced from low saponin quinoa seeds grown in The Netherlands without peticides.
These sustainable ingredients enhance the nutritional value, taste & texture of plant based products such a burgers, cereals, bars, snacks and bakery products and are also used in Sports & Active nutrition.
Since 2014, GreenFood50 quinoa ingredients are used on a daily basis at the Dutch Olympic Training center at Papendal.


LR Physics Consulting

We provide Market and Product Data to companies willing to test their Market in USA and Europe. We gather data through temporary eCommerce B2B and B2C and we use it to qualify locations and leads/prospects.


We are a manufacturer of cardboard packaging. With regulations on mandatory information on packaging, there is less and less space to communicate with the consumer. We have transformed this constraint into a profit by proposing to extend this finite space into an infinite multimedia and interactive space. We have developed a web platform to easily create and modify interactive services, all customizable even when the product is at the customer. From the packaging with contactless technologies such as NFC or QR-code, the consumer accesses to your advices – recipes – videos. He can also pay, play a Quiz, contact your consumer service, geolocate the nearest store, share your services on social networks and increase your visibility. 


The world’s leading company in contract research for better food and health.

NIZO is a private and independent Contract research organisation. We are one of the most advanced R&D centres in the world and bring the latest food technologies to life in our food grade processing centre.

Our focus is on the development and applications of innovations for the global food industry and related markets. Our customers value their gains in product quality, sustainability, cost effectiveness and speed to market.

We are continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. Our headquarters are in Ede, the Netherlands.



Protifarm is an Agri-Tech company producing functional, nutritionally-dense and sustain-able ingredients for the food industry from ecologically friendly, food grade, farmed Buffalo Beetles (Alphitobius diaperinus). Our unique and fully automated breeding and rearing facility uses a revolutionary vertical farming model to produce nutritionally dense, food-grade buffalo larva while our innovative processing technology platform converts them into high-quality functional food ingredients that can add protein, nutrition, and value to applications in sports nutrition, meat alternatives, bakery, and more.



SAINT-FERNAN is a cider maker based in Brittany. A long tradition of cider making, started in the mid 30’s by Fer-nand, the grand father of the creator of the SAINT-FERNAN company and brand.

SAINT-FERNAN has created in 2016 unique and innovative recipes of ciders. Made only with fresh juice (no reconstitued juices), we have selected only ‘acidulous’ varieties of apples and pears, with lower level of tannin (polyphenol). We process a shorter fermentation than traditional ciders in order to get elegant, fruity and fresh beverages.


Valrhona, we are the partner of the craftsmen of the taste since 1922, and we think that we can imagine, together, the best of the chocolate.
-We imagine the best by selecting and growing rare cocoas to promote diversity.
-We imagine the best in chocolate by widening different aro-mas with our wide range of chocolate candies, decorations and chocolates for gourmets.
-We imagine the best to promote gastronomy through our Valrhona School and its offer of training in pastry techniques, as well as our major events in the world of Gastronomy.
As part of our activity of chocolate producer, we mainly works business-to-business. Our products are also destined to consumers as well as professionals of the food sector.