NF4 Information Session China

Under the scheme of NF4, Wagralim on 4th April organised a China info session in Namur for the Walloon Agri-food sector with the FEVIA, Belgian Food Industry Federation and the AWEx, Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency. More than 40 people attended the event.

In 2002, China’s middle class was only 4% of its population, and current estimates put the size of China’s middle class over 30% of China’s total population (2018). The World Bank has ranked China as an ‘Upper Middle income’ country, the gross domestic product per capita income was USD 8 827 in 2017. According to McKinsey & Company that 76% of China’s urban population will enter the middle-income bracket by 2022. Thus, Chinese market is more and more attractive for the European SMEs with high quality product.

This info session aims to regroup all Agri-actors interested by the Chinese market and introduce them the opportunity, the trends of the Chinese market, and how the regional entities can help them in different level. Wagralim represented by Yuan CHAI gave a speech and introduced the NF4 programme, in which she put in advance the China Innovation TOUR in May.

Different experts of the market were also present. For instance, the Walloon attaché based in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton and Taiwan gave an overview of the Chinese market and the current opportunity for the sector in different regions. The Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain gave a presentation on regulation of exporting food in China. Valentin de le Court, lawyer associated with China IRP helpdesk explained how to protect company’s competitive advantage in China. Atlas, e-commerce and marketing consultant company gave some examples of fast change of China, and how consumer behavior can impact the sell of the product in China. Last but not least, we got the opportunity to have a presentation from Alibaba’s representative and how they help european SMEs to implement in China’s E-commerce. The representative of Cosucra in Aisa shared their experiences in China just before the networking drink.