Case study Baïa Food Co - Participation in the Innovation Tour USA

Baïa Food Co. is a novel food startup with the mission of bringing truly innovative and healthy products. It has spent the last 6 years doing Research and Development on a very special berry from West Africa, the Miracle Fruit. The internationalisation is a main feature in the Baïa ADN. Baïa is a new member of CLUSAGA, it was attracted by two kinds of activities: innovation and internationalisation. And New Frontiers in Food (NF4) is the best example of both of them. This was the first time that it takes part in a mission like this. After a diagnosis and several meetings with the CLUSAGA staff, including a visit to its facilities, the Baïa interests were fitted. 

The FFT summit was an opportunity to pitch the Baïa project to decision-makers of multi-billion companies like Nestlé, Cargill, Givaudan or Ingredion. It was a huge opportunity to give visibility to the work after more than 6 years of project building and product development, and to obtain feedback from potential partners and customers. Apart from the interesting conferences, which gave an insight of the present and future trends in the food industry, they met interesting people and expect to get to an agreement soon due to the fact that the interest seemed to be real and the industry is looking for alternatives to sugar and artificial sweetners.
To try to access a new market, it is always difficult. The main reasons are obvious and quite basic, such as the language and the culture, but very important nonetheless. Furthermore, traveling abroad with few or no references is even more challenging. In this sense, to have the opportunity to partake in a European mission with other start-ups in the same situation eases the path. It is very important to do a good follow-up and Baïa is now doing it expecting to penetrate the US market before the end of 2019. As for today, some Open Innovation Directors of relevant companies are still interested in some sort of collaboration

Loan Bensadon Co-CEO of Baïa Food: “This is the first time we partake in a NF4 mission and it has been a very interesting experience. The meeting with the representatives of other associated clusters were constructive and we had the opportunity to share visions, business ideas and contacts. Besides, the conferences at the Future Food Tech Summit in San Francisco provided significant input to better understand the food trends in the US market, which usually preceeds the European by a few years. We would have never decided to go to the FFT Summit if it wasn’t for Clusaga an the NF4 grant.

Baïa Food Co. is a scientific company that has developed a unique novel food ingredient (Dried Miracle Berry) as a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. We have come up with a calorie-free, powerful sweetness enhancer and sour masker that imitates the pleasant aspects of sugar without those horrible undesirable effects that can cause so much damage to our health. Besides, we offer a range of ethically sourced, organic superfoods and plant-based proteins that we sell via our website ( Our mission is to upgrade the dietary habits of society through healthier tastier choices.