Case study Freggies - Participation in the Innovation Tour USA

Start-up company Freggies participated in the New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4) Innovation Tour to the USA to explore the market opportunities for plant-based snacks. Maduro concepts (Freggies) has been founded in 2017 and has the ambition to make tasty sustainable plant-based snacks that are easy to prepare. The Freggies are made from residual streams of vegetables, for example from the juice industry, thereby contributing to reducing food waste. In this way, Freggies provides a sustainable alternative for snacks and side dishes in The Netherlands. From 2018 onwards Freggies has been a Member of Foodvalley NL, actively involved in several (plant-based) projects and events. With the participation in the NF4 project, Freggies aims to investigate the opportunities for plant-based snacks in the USA.

For Maduro concepts (Freggies) this was the first time to join an international mission. Freggies participated in the NF4 Innovation Tour to the USA from the 18th to the 22nd of March. It was a good opportunity to gain knowledge on the US market, its opportunities, the potential barriers and to develop new business activities. The NF4-project was a great opportunity to present the company and its products in the USA on different occasions. The European delegation visited Chicago, Milwaukee and San Francisco and met with cluster organizations, (food)companies, investors and other experts in the field of international/US food business. Mike Maduro, CEO and founder of Freggies:

“I have been honored to be among a lot of pioneers of Future food Tech. It has been an amazing few days. It is the last day of the trip and its coming down altogether and it has just been amazing and it feels good to be here. I have exposed Freggies and who knows what happens, but it was just amazing!”

During the Innovation Tour Freggies has gained a lot of knowledge on the US market, also about the potential for vegan, plant-based food products. Interesting new contacts were obtained, all in the Food & Beverage industry. There are plans to establish cooperation agreement with four organizations, regarding plant-based ingredients, vegetable supplies and food adhesive. These contacts were from the USA but also from Sweden and The Netherlands.

To enter the US market, Freggies will need to investigate the FDA-regulations and develop new contacts and relations to produce the plant-based snacks and bites locally. Besides, the demand for this type of food products differs a lot per region and city in the US, this was something that was experienced during the visits of Milwaukee, Chicago and San Francisco. Therefore, Freggies decided to wait with expanding its business oversees and will focus on the Dutch market for now. Mike Maduro adds:

“One advice I can give to other companies who plan to expand their business in the USA, take a good look at the culture and habits of the country or region to customize your promotion.”

Freggies is a plant-based food brand which makes tasty, sustainable and healthy food. We target to make it easy and fun to enjoy and follow a part time or full time plant based diet. Therefore we are always looking for innovation to apply in our products. For example we got a vegetable snack who exists of fibers from a residual stream of the organic juice production. For 2019 we have planned to expand our product range and our sales area, creating, producing and supplying plant-based food. Where possible our products are circular so we can reduce food waste.