New Frontiers in Food (NF4) Tech Road Show at CFIA Rennes

CFIA exhibition(Carrefour des Fournisseurs de l’Industrie Agroalimentaire)  has 22 years of experience as a reference exhibition for the food-processing sector in Europe, showcasing top-notch products and solutions for all companies in the sector. It gathers companies from the Ingredients & IFP (255 exhibitors), Equipements & Processes (930 exhibitors), Packing & Conditioning (415 exhibitors). It also takes place every year in Rennes and brings over 20.000 visitors. Since a few years, CFIA has the ambition to attract more and more international audience and it is now able to count companies from all over Europe as well as US, Brazil or North-Africa.

On the show last March, Valorial is part of the “Usine Agro du Future”, an initiative supported by the Brittany region to give more visibility to start ups and competencies available on the territory. It is organized on a 450 sqm area which gathered this year an impressive demo production line for chicken meat, booth of 12 expert organizations, and 10 selected companies as well as an area for conferences all dedicated to an international audience. In the meantime, we had invited all clusters from NF4 to sensitize their members to that event as well as contacted some of the targeted country contacts to join the event and register on the EEN matchmaking plateform, dedicated primarily to put in contact foreign with local business. We were happy to host Hedelab at that occasion.

We took advantage of the initiative to put in light the cluster partnership (ESCP-4i) NF4 – New Frontiers in Food in the conference program which gathered presentation of other projects and Smart Specialization Plateform, therefor a great audience. ENRICH USA on our demand, gave a training Session “How to internationalize to the USA” as going international is not an easy step, even if in though the US may seem culturally close to a lot of EU organisations and individuals, the US ecosystem and market have their own pace. This training held by inno TSD, a project partner representing ENRICH in USA, introduce their partnership, activities and present feedback from their member SMEs. We took the opportunity to present the cluster partnership (ESCP-4i) NF4 – New Frontiers in Food as well as the to come international mission tour to USA. It gathered close to 40 participants and enable interesting follow up!