New Frontiers in Food (NF4) Innovation Tour China | Activities & Experiences

In May 2019, a delegation of 19 SMEs visited China to explore the Chinese market for food and beverage. The New Frontiers in Food (NF4) Innovation Tour to China started in Xiamen (Fujian) and was followed by a visit to Shanghai. Activities in Xiamen (Fujian) were organized in collaboration with the local NF4-organization partner Foodvalley China, these activities included a tailor-made conference with presentations of Chinese local business opportunities, pitching opportunities for the EU-companies and interaction with Chinese importers, agents, distributors, local government and food companies. In Shanghai the delegation visited the DSM Innovation Center and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, including presentations about the differences of the innovation landscape in Europe and China and the R&D environment. Besides, the delegation visited the SIAL Shanghai exhibition and the network reception of the Dutch agricultural consulate.

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