Case study BellaVie - Participation in the Innovation Tour China

With rising rates of overweight/obesity and diabetes the Chinese government issued guidelines over the review period relating to a range of dietary issues including sugar intake and increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables. China is one of the world’s fastest growing health and wellness markets in the world backed by the government’s growing focus on healthy nutrition and a growing middle- and upper-class. Multinational companies have invested in the country’s health and wellness industry while local companies have also seen strong developments, particularly within China’s dairy industry. Based on this observation, Oliver Raimond and Benoît Ligot owners of the “BellaVie” chose to participate the China innovation organized by the NF4 consortium on May.

BellaVie is a new Belgian producer of probiotics and synbiotics specifically developed to boost the immune system, help manage stress, cholesterol, diabetes, vaginal flora and infectious diseases in children. Thay have an innovative range of probiotics and synbiotics with a scientific approach focused on the current problems of global health. Probiotics are useful micro-organisms that make up the oral, intestinal and vaginal flora. The probiotics market is booming and a vital topic for the future of medicine. BellaVie offers the only line of probiotics and synbiotics with a science-based approach focused on current global health issues.

The objective of BellaVie during this mission in China was “to better know the Chinese market of food supplements. China’s market is vast and complex and requires keys to understanding it.”

“Thanks to the good preparation of the mission and the support we have received, the goal is achieved.”

“The mission allowed us to confirm the necessary requirements to enter the Chinese market. This mission also confirmed the difficulty of crossing the barriers to entry, but it also helped find partners who could find alternative ways to enter the Chinese market.”

Hope to see Bellavie’s product in the Chinese market soon!

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BellaVie – Food supplement made in Belgium. BellaVie believes that probiotics can be a solution for improving the health of our civilizations. Its mission is to provide well-being solutions, from European research, of European quality, at an affordable cost, through the use of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics, around the world, and especially the region of South East Asia.