Case study Freshcut - Participation in the Innovation Tour China

Freshcut S.L., has been involved in the New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4) Tour to China and preperation activities because Freshcut aims to develop the business internationally.We have participated in the differents activities as the mentoring course made by proffesional business executives of important international business companies, which helps a lot in order to understand the steps and the best way to start international business. Also, we have participated in the mission to Shanghai SIAL fair and finally we are involved in an international plan made by the students of the master of international business, which will select the mains market that we should target for the following years.

Our aim of participation in this activities is because we want to expand our brand and to reach different markets with the advices given by professionals in these activities. The advices will help us in order to not make mistakes and bad movements at the moment of internationalize the product, considering that you have to be careful when you start business in any international market. Our challengues are just to start business in different markets, as China is one which we have visited with the NF activities. We have made a intensive research of this market, discovering for example that we have to adapt the format of our product if we want to get a market share in China. On the other hand and taking into account the other activities, we deeply understand what is neccesary to face the international market after the mentoring course and all the steps that we must follow in order to avoid the problems that use to appear when you are a “rookie” in the international business.

Freshcut S.L., is a Special Center of Employment with the 80% of employees with disabilities. We are a company involved in the production and commercialisation of IV y V range of products, based on fresh high quality of fruits, and specially having the main characteristic that it does not contains any type of additives, nor preservatives that alters its naturalness. Our products are healthy and easy to consume.

With this information we would like to emphasise that Frehscut has two importants values, the healthy life because of our 100% natural products and the social integration through the incorporation of special groups to the market.