Meet the European companies of the NF4 Mission to Brazil

From November 4th to the 8th a delegation of 11 agrifood SMEs visited Brazil during the New Frontier in Food (NF4) Mission. During the Mission, the delegation visited São Paulo, Campinas and Curitiba and participated in company visits, information sessions and B2B meetings. These activities were organised by the NF4 consortium in collaboration with FoodTech Hub, Ital – Institute of Food Technology and TECPAR – Technological Institute.  

Alasature Healthy Lifestyles

Alasature is a health and wellness food company focused on the development of functional products with high nutritional value. Their commitment is focused on
creating healthy eating hab its.

Alasature offers consumers the “prohibitive” products of their daily lives but made with 100% natural ingredients. Its nutritional values are excellent and adapt to all types of consumers.


Bij Choi

Bij Choi BV is engaged in Export and Import Trade.

  • Export product line: fresh onions and dairy products (butter, UHT milk, instant milk powder, cheese from the Netherlands).
  • Import product line: natural meat products from Brazil for importation to mainland China; Dried tropical fruits and nuts (dried mango and Brazil nuts, banana chips).

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Food For Tomorrow

Cap Aliment is a resource center that brings together companies, researchers and training institutions dedicated to agrifood systems and supported by the Pays de la Loire, France, which supports and coordinates REI foods for Tomorrow/Feed Cap. This is a collaborative program that seeks to strengthen synergies between different stakeholders in the research, education and innovation sectors, fields of agri food science and sustainable food systems in the Country of the Loire.

This program is directed by Cap Aliment in association with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the Nantes Atlantic College of
Veterinary Medicine, Science and Food Engineering (Oniris). The goal is to promote competitiveness of regional knowledge at the national level and international.

An international strategy has been established with 6 Associated universities worldwide. The University of São Paulo is one of them and is intended to strengthen
collaboration in the field of research and education.



INRA, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research is the largest agricultural research institute in Europe with 7 903 permanent.

INRA contributes to the production of knowledge and innovation in the areas of food, agriculture and the environment. The goal of INRA is to help ensure healthy
and high quality food, competitive, sustainable agriculture as well as an appropriate environment.


Kiwi Atlantico, SA

Frigoríficas Kiwi Atlantico is a company formed by about 70 Kiwi producing members, which together with 45 associates have a production of approximately 8,500 tons per year, which represent more than 50% of the entire Spanish production It has large camera installations, refrigerators, machines and workshops. They are located in Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra but we also have a company with cold stores in Mercamadrid (Madrid), as well as the ports of Zaidin (Huesca), Membrilla (Ciudad Real) and Bilbao.

In addition to companies in Spain, it also owns the comp any Fruta Mediterranea, IKE, in Greece, with a production capacity of 4,000 tons of kiwi and with capacity not only to Europe but also to maritime exp ort markets, and an API with many commercial ports. The sales formats we have are the standard for any customer worldwide, from 3 and 5 kg preparations, 6 and 10 kg in bulk or unit packages in 1 kg or more formats for the customer.



Food processing consulting and research, specializing in product enhancement and biotechnological process development. With 30 years of experience in the
marine co-products industry.

PROCIDYS supports companies in the food industry in development of new processes: from the evaluation of market, laboratory tests, business plan estimation (Capex and Opex) to industrial extension (pilot tests, equipment specifications, investments). Thanks to ecological extraction technologies (especially enzymatic hydrolysis), purification and drying, adds PROCIDYS value to co products when obtaining ingredien ts for nutraceutical markets, food, feed and plant nutrition.



SensoStat is a company specialized in sensory analysis, consumer tests and data science. SensoStat has facilities at the Taste Sciences Center CSGA laboratory in
Dijon, France. They provide services in the areas of agri food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, equipment, automotive, etc.

SensoStat can train internal staff for analysis or provide services to Brazilian companies to enter the European / Frenc h market and seek comments on market or
product adaptation guidelines.



Every month in your automated factory,located in Burgundy, France, processes more than 18,000 tons of cheese per year, which are then sent by the World: Emmental, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Edam,Gouda and Mimolette. Grated cheese, blocks, small slices,Finely diced cubes and mini cubes Tippagral provide these
products in different formats in very short periods of time.

Tippagral provide customers with information, solutions, at each stage of their business relationship, listen and answer their questions: these are Tippagral’s missions. The only objective is to satisfy complete clients in all the criteria! Tippagral sends its cheeses from France to the rest of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

In 2019, Tippagral also expanded sales to India and Vietnam.


University of Angers

Angers University is a multidisciplinary university that welcomes more than 23,000 students in 5 campuses (3 in Angers, 1 in Saumur, 1 in Cholet).

This university employs 1,062 professors.

The SOPAM Medical Research Unit Angers University is a section of the Angers Institute of Biology Health. The project focuses on translation theme sets that treat oxidative stress in metabolic pathologies with particular interest in extracellular vesicles.


University of Nantes

The University of Nantes has 37,000 students on 6 campuses. The University of Nantes is a multidisciplinary university and offers mostly programs knowledge fields PHAN is a joint research unit between INRA and Nantes University. Phan addresses physiological adaptations and genomic nutrient intake with a special focus on exclusively in maternal and child nutrition.

As a transnational research unit, your research involves rodent experimental studies and clinical studies.



Vinigalicia is located in the north of Spain, in the center of the Ribeira Sacra, with more than 70 years of experience in the wine sector, as a producer.

Vinigalicia has vineyards of five denominations of origin of Galicia (Ribeira Sacra,Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Monterrei and Rias Vaixas) being producer of wine of
different ranges, wines for cooking and sangria, sparkling wi nes (evoked by the Charmat method), g rappas and vermouth . Vinigalicia currently has clients in 21
countries worldwide, with a constant annual sales increase. Thanks to the IFS certification, the company can offer its products with guarantee in relation to global food safety standards.