Case study Nomen'K - Participation in the Innovation Tour China

Start-up company Nomen’K participated in the New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4) Innovation Tour to China to explore the market opportunities for its cereal bars concept. This company is born out of a common idea of Lucie de Saint-Etienne and Clement Cosme to provide consumer cereal bars with super food like micro algae and flaxseed. Based in Normandy, with a solid network, they are ready to conquer the world. For these reasons, they decided to join the mission as member of Valorial, to benefit of its network and events. With the participation in the NF4 project, Nomen’K was able to investigate the opportunities Chinese market and meet future potential partners.

Nomen’K participated in the NF4 Innovation Tour to the China from the 12th to the 17th of May. The NF4-project was a great opportunity to understand the market and to meet contacts of companies in charge of importing products and distribution. As a result, Nomen’K was able to meet different distributors and business introducers. Following these meetings, they were able to target more stores and places of interest for their products, as well as better anticipate marketing & labeling of products.

Lucie de Saint-Etienne, COO of the Nomen’K said : “We appreciated the organization and to be able to meet people and companies, other than our contacts already there. Thanks to this mission we have been able to be at the heart of Chinese culture. This discovery is primodial for us to sell our products to the right public. We were able to meet people in the distribution but also in regulation, important meetings for the future!”

Clément Cosme, CEO of Nomen’K added : “Not only were we able to make good contact in China, but the multi-national delegation particularity enabled us to exchange on approach and contacts, learn from and link to entreprenors from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain.”

Nomen’k is for the contraction of “snack” (“encas” in French) and “nomad”. That is why for its first range of products, Nomen’k has launched its nutritional and organic cereals bars with French spirulina and hemp seeds. In short, Nomen’k is a manufacturer of organic and nutritional cereal bars with French superfoods. The goal is to provide a vegetable concentrate of dietary fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals to each one of us. All products are carefully manufactured in Normandy by the creators in their production workshop.