Report | Market Guide: Brazil - Processed, Functional and Connected Food Trends


  • Market Overview
  • Trade- Brazil & EU
  • Exporting to Brazil
  • Processed Foods in Brazil
  • Functional Foods in Brazil
  • Connected Foods in Brazil
  • Innovation- from the farm onwards

The economic powerhouse of South America, the Brazilian economy is a tempting target for many European food and beverage manufacturers. Within the overall population of over 200 million people, Brazil has over 40 million consumers considered of “high socio-economic status”, the majority concentrated geographically in several key urban areas.

Despite boasting a strong domestic food and beverage sector, many opportunities exist for European brands to enter this marketplace in a variety of categories from service provision for domestic producers, to the serving the increasing Brazilian domestic demand for imported processed and functional foods.

Within this initial market guide are details regrading the overall Brazilian economy, with specific focus on the country’s food and beverage sector, as well as specific sections on processed foods, functional foods, connected foods, as well as innovation in the food and beverage sector.

Read the full report here: Market Guide: Brazil – Processed, Functional and Connected Food Trends