Report | Market Guide: China - Functional Foods and Consumer Trends


  • Market Overview
  • Trade- China & EU
  • Exporting to China
  • Trend Analysis: Functional Food

As the EU’s second largest trading partner in 2018, China is a promising market for European food and beverage companies. With a population of over 1.4 billion people (est. 2018), and an ever growing middle class with increasing disposable income, there are many opportunities to introduce new products and services to the Chinese marketplace. That said, it is crucial to study and understand the workings of this complex economy prior to attempting to enter the market.

This report serves as an initial guide for businesses interested in the Chinese market, examining the food and beverage sector, opportunities and challenges which may face companies, as well as a specific focus on functional food trends in China.

Read the full report here: Market Guide: China – Functional Foods and Consumer Trends