Case study Alasature - Participation in the Innovation Tour Brazil

The trip organized by NF4 was very fascinating for us, because we´ve always been  interested in the brasilian market. The way the mission was structured was very engaging because it gave us the opportunity to meet all kinds of players within our industry from institutional to commercial partners; it also helped us to see how the market is currently doing and gave us a better perception of what we can do there.

This mission  gave us the opportunity to have meetings with distributors of our type of product in Brazil, as well as industrial partners with whom we can start producing locally to become competitive in the Brazilian market. Another point that was of great interest to us was that we were able to have meetings with public and private institutions that are dedicated to research on our sector, something that made us consider doing some kind of partnership to start activities in R & D + i.

Brazilian market is a market with a lot of potential, but at the same time a market that is not easy to deal with. Because of this, we have to have a very clear strategy, we are at the point of establishing an alliance with a local partner to start testing there with our product, and in turn we have a distributor interested in doing the test to see how the product moves.

We are aware that this market in the medium term requires having a targer team to manage all the brand and marketing, as it is a market that operates independently.

Alasature is a health and wellness food company focused on the development of functional products with high nutritional value. Their commitment is focused on
creating healthy eating habits. Alasature offers consumers the “prohibitive” products of their daily lives but made with 100% natural ingredients. Its nutritional values are excellent and adapt to all types of consumers.