New Frontiers in Food partners

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In this COSME project, the five food clusters Clusaga (ES); Foodvalley (NL); Valorial (FR); Vitagora (FR) and Wagralim (BE) will develop a joint internationalisation strategy, a smart strategy based on an original combination of various interconnected specializations. Together we aim to enhance the competitiveness of the SMEs in the clusters, to encourage the development of emerging industries in Europe and to access emerging markets more easily. SMEs interested in doing business outside Europe are invited to contact one of the project partners on the right.

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The food industry is one of the strategic sectors in Galicia, both due to its dimension, and its economic and social significance. In this area, the Galician Food Cluster of Galicia (Clusaga) articulates an organised structure of the Galician food industry, in a broad sense, integrating businesses, as well as innovation and research bodies and other organisations, in cooperation processes, making it possible to reap benefits from the implementation of actions and collaborative projects and reaching a critical mass, strengthening the international competitiveness and visibility of the sector.

The leadership of the Galician Food Cluster is based on transforming visions and plans into actions, finding the means and energy to develop new ideas, with the sophistication of business strategies, and creating practical solutions taking advantage of opportunities to address the challenge of improving the competitive position of its partners, with the consequent increase in profitability in a sustainable way.

The role of Clusaga is therefore to observe the big picture, to analyse markets, to anticipate trends and to establish market positioning priorities and strategies; to encourage cooperation through agreements, networks and business partnerships between companies and joint projects with other agents. In addition to building the intangible value of a brand, associated with Galicia, which is recognised and valued worldwide as a synonym for excellence in food and beverages.

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Foodvalley is the primary knowledge-intensive agrifood ecosystem in the Netherlands. This ecosystem is characterized by many world class innovative agrifood and food-related solutions and by the cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments.

It offers a platform of resources and opportunities to an (inter)national business network to accelerate innovation and market introduction. And to attract potential partners and investors, thereby stimulating the economy and realizing ambitions in the region and far beyond.

Since its establishment in 2004, Foodvalley NL has built up a deep insight into the challenges of the (ag)food industry and a vast network of companies and knowledge institutions that can help in tackle these challenges effectively.

From its home base in Wageningen, the Netherlands, every day Foodvalley NL works on speeding up the innovation performance of companies, both from the Netherlands and abroad. Our experienced team does so in a way that fits your demands: fast, to-the-point and practical.

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Valorial is a French competitiveness cluster dedicated to “food for tomorrow”. It main objective is to foster innovation from companies located in western France giving them the opportunity to become leader in their fields in France and abroad.

Britany is the first area of food production in France. It’s more than 850 food companies with up than 10 employees with a turnover of €35bn, including €4bn of exports. It’s also 130,000 jobs through direct employment, 2000 researchers for 30 higher education institutes on food topics.

Innovation and collaborative projects, accredited by Valorial, are serving companies’ competitiveness and economic development. All food sectors are represented (equipment, dairies, meat, vegetable, ready to eat meals, seafood…) With 274 members from industry (181), research (54) and training (39). 53% of Valorial’s Industrial members are SMEs. All agrofood sectors are represented through company members.

Since 10 years, it’s more than 318 collaborative and innovative projects accredited. Companies found a positive environment to develop innovative products or services and strengthen their competitiveness.

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Vitagora works to anticipate and extract actionable insights that open doors to high-value food markets, throughout the world

For over 12 years, the Vitagora food innovation cluster has been dedicated to building ambitious, goal-oriented R&D projects among its 370 members.

These dynamic partnerships draw on the cluster’s concentration of professionals – food and health businesses, public and private research, higher education establishments. These diverse members work together to develop a food product and service offer that meets consumer demand for wellness – wellness through eating pleasure, wellness through physical health, but also wellness through a link to our environment, protected by sustainable industry practices.

Herein lies Vitagora’s strength – the ability to anticipate and extract actionable insights from the converging trends of taste, health and sustainable agri-food production, coupled with an exceptional knowledge base, in order to open doors for food business onto the vast potential of emerging, high-value food markets, in France and throughout the world.

Vitagora is based in the gastronomic heart of France (Burgundy-Franche-Comté and the Paris region). These regions are also home to a dynamic food industry and a remarkable concentration of public and private R&D expertise.

In 2015, Vitagora as awarded the Gold Label of cluster management excellence.

Wagralim (B) 2020-01-20T09:38:16+01:00

At the heart of Europe in the Walloon Region, the Wagralim cluster was created through collaboration between industry, universities, research centres and training centres. The goal is to create value, improve performance, and position itself on the international market, based on innovation.

By focusing on collaboration, the cluster implements innovative projects. Key to this are products with high added value, whose qualities meet the needs of customers and the demands of growing markets.The cluster is a privileged partner of competitiveness: it provides access to a network of European industrial and scientific excellence. Its expertise in international collaboration is a powerful tool to position itself on the global market.

Labelled and supported by the Walloon Regional authorities as one of the 6 “competitiveness clusters”, Wagralim has 4 strategic areas :

  1. The cluster promotes and supports businesses to develop products or ingredients beneficial to better health and nutrition. Specialising in various areas such as polyphenols and gut health, we provide scientific expertise and advanced performance.
  2. The cluster aims to strengthen the competitive position of companies through improved manufacturing processes and methods of food preservation. Our advanced production methods ensure high quality products recognized by the international markets for their food safety.
  3. The cluster innovates in the field of new generation packaging. We are leaders in biobased packaging from renewable raw materials that meet growing demand in the industry worldwide.
  4. The cluster is committed to creating value from the by-products of agro-industry. Theobjective is to reduce costs, while increasing the value and sustainability of production. Inaddition we develop more integrated and sustainable industries – in the dairy sector for example.

Today the Wagralim cluster is: 180 partners working together ; 27 labelled partnership projects, 20 regional projects and 4 international projects; more than 60 new products and processes developed; Each year more than 700 participants at seminars and “innovation” events ; 2 European networks of excellence “Food” (World Food Innovation Network and the European Food Alliance).

To strengthen our position on the world market, Wagralim hosts foreign delegations, organizes trade and technological missions, develops joint research project with foreign partners. Since 2013 the cluster has en office in Curtiba (Brazil) and a new Intelligence gathering Unit.