New Frontiers in Food project

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The “New Frontiers in Food – Fast Forward” (NF4) project is a fast track internationalization accelerator for innovation-intensive food SMEs.

The project is powered by a 5-Food Clusters alliance formed by Clusaga (ES), Foodvalley NL (NL), Valorial (FR), Vitagora (FR) and Wagralim (BE). The overall objective of “New Frontiers in Food – Fast Forward” is the operational development of the joint internationalisation strategy defined by the clusters partnership. A smart strategy was defined on basis of an original combination of connected specializations, and lessons learned from the initial « Clusters Go International » project New Frontiers in Food.

Within the project the activities specialize on 3 food industry value chains:

  • processed foods,
  • health&nutritional food products and
  • connected food (combination of food and information technology services).

The project provides a full package of acceleration services, aiming at boosting international innovation collaboration and business development of a cohort of European food SMEs.

Within the project 4 overseas target markets are selected in which the consortium is already strongly connected: Canada, USA, China and Brazil. The focus of the NF4-project is to shift from intermediaries to end-users, our flagship food-SMEs.

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Participate in a NF4 international mission with a voucher

What is the NF4 internationalisation voucher?

The NF4 internationalisation voucher is a travel voucher that consists of a lump sum of EUR 2.000 (fixed amount, no more, no less) to help cover the costs incurred by the beneficiary SME by participating in a NF4 international mission. In particular, it is destined to help beneficiary SMEs to finance:

  • Travel costs, including accommodation and subsistence;
  • Registration costs, in order to participate to fairs or other events taking place at the target country during the international mission.

More information on vouchers (pdf)

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